RPM, a successful melodic rock band formed in the

early 80's started with Robert (lead vocals, main co-writer) and Jimmy Lee Sloas. (bass,keyboards, bgvs, writer) . Soon Mark Gendel from Canada (guitars, main co-writer) and Tommy Wells (drums) joined to complete the group.

Originally signed by DonGrierson, VP of EMI America Records of Los Angeles, the band enjoyed an AOR hit "A Legend Never Dies". Their very first "real" gig was for KLOL Radio in Houston to headline for their "Rockfest" at the Astrodome Complex. 20,000 people showed up for the concert and RPM was called back for 4 encores! Soon after, Grierson left EMI and the group lost their key man but soon found a new record deal with Warner Bros in Burbank via new manager, Jerry Schilling (Elvis, Carl Wilson, Beach Boys) and high powered LA attorney, Peter Paterno. Their first abum, simply titled "RPM" was produced by Nashville great, Brent Maher who also helped the guys develop their songwriting chops. Four songs from their first record were released, in time, by other artists, including: Johnny VanZant (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad), Blackfoot and Tygers of Pantang(successful English rock band).

The second record for Warners saw the band wanted to take more creative control as well as push the musical boundaries. Once the band heard an advance release of the album "90125" by YES, (featuring the worldwide hit "Owner of a Lonely Heart" they knew without question who they wanted to work with next. It would be Gary Langan, engineer to producer Trevor Horn who was one of the hottest musical commodities in the world at the time. The band spent 5 months in London at Trevor's studio, SARM with Gary at the helm co-producing with the band. The project ultimately took on a more British feel and attitude. While critically acclaimed around the world "Phonogenic" didn't produce any hits at radio as timing would have it, Warners was busy promoting more established projects: "1984" by VanHalen, "Eliminator" by ZZTop, "Purple Rain" by Prince just to name a few. The band shot a video in support of the project and performed on hit TV series "Solid Gold Hits" (Episode 30), but it was not meant to be. After 6 years the group disbanded. It was however an amazing creative opportunity for Robert and all involved, getting to work with some of the greastest names/acts in the entire recording world.

RPM's two albums have been recently released on CD due to popular demand from AOR enthusiasts around the world.