Production, Publishing & Licensing Info 

Having been a recording artist signed to major record deals, a successful songwriter, as well as a lead & background vocalist over the years, it's given me a unique perspective as a producer. I love what I do, and thoroughly enjoy working with artists/vocalists in helping them become the very best at what they do! 


Whether it's a full album/CD, or project of some kind, I can guide it from beginning to end.  From helping write/co-write the material if need be, to booking all related tracking sessions, producing vocals, mixing and/or mastering, I've walked it many times, and I literally love the process. 


Nashville, IMO, is also the greatest city on earth creatively speaking.

The amount of musical talent here is unequaled.


Over the years I've been beyond fortunate to work with some of the most amazing musicians, and talent this business has to offer. I also consider most, if not all, the people I work with dear friends. We've grown up in this music city together, and so there's a lot of rich history that comes into play. I can't imagine working anywhere else on the planet, (and I have...) NY, LA, London, Atlanta, Orlando. Nothing compares to the creativity and vibe that emanates from here.

Robert  :-)


also like dreaming out loud so don't hesitate to call or write should you have a project you'd like to discuss! (contact info is below...)


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To inquire about production or licensing of any Radioquest/Robert White Johnson songs please use contact form on this website.