Artists Produced 

Johnny VanZant - Atlantic

VanZant - CMC International

Tammy VanZant - radio1records/Independent

Peter Wolf - MCA

Larnelle Harris - Benson Records

BJ Thomas - Warner Bros. Records

The Martins - Spring Hill Music

Al Denson - Benson/Spring Hill Music

Kim Boyce - Warner Alliance

Tracy Dawn - Warner Bros.

Angelo and Veronica - Benson Records

Rick Cua - Reunion Records

Straight Company - Benson Music Group

Ruth Graham/Fear Not Tomorrow CD musical (Rev Billy Graham's daughter)

Elizabeth Montgomery


God Calling CD project

Julie Elias

Cross Tie

David Wise

Emily Tonner

Billy Greene

Movie Soundtracks, TV and Internet Productions

Celine Dion in Concert - Disney Channel

Gallows Road movie - original song 'Hear My Voice' used several times throughout film.

One More from the Fox - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Immediate Family - movie soundtrack - James Woods/Glenn Close

Sweet November - movie soundtrack - Warner Bros.

Cupid - Columbia Pictures - TV - internet comedy/reality series      


Various TV shows have included RWJ songs:

The Tonight Show; Saturday Night Live; David Letterman, Oprah, Larry King Live: Stars American Idol, The Today Show; MTV, VH-1, CMT among others.


National and regional radio/TV jingles - lead vocals include:

Toyota - Life is a Highway,

Long John Silvers - Anytime, Anyplace,

Hershey's - Sometimes you feel like a nut,

National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) theme song,

Six Flags,



NBC soap opera summer spots. . .

Other Credentials

Robert's voice has been included on several records/projects over the years.


Many have been certified platinum or gold records: Michael Bolton, Faith Hill, Johnny VanZant, .38 Special, Mutt Lange, Vanessa Williams, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tammy VanZant, Carl Wilson (Beach Boys), Felix Cavelerie (of the Young Rascals), Petra, Michael W. Smith, Larnelle Harris, Kim Boyce, Rick Cua, Giant, Michael English, Larry Stewart, Pam Thum . . .